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Prices Counselling Leeds

Pricing and Therapies

My fees are as follows:
£50 Individuals 
£45 students/ counselling students

Fees to be paid at each session. Cash or balance transfer.
Missed appointments will be charged at full-price unless at least 24hrs notice is given. Please note, I operate a strict 24 hours cancellation policy.

Face to Face Counselling

This is the most popular therapy as it offers the opportunity to react to any emotions that arise there and then. It usually takes place at the counsellor's practice. This form of therapy helps to build a trusting relationship.

All sessions are currently taking place on Zoom or Skype during the lockdown.

Skype or Telephone Counselling

This is an alternative to face to face therapy. Enabling clients who are too busy or unable to attend the practice, to still receive help. This is a beneficial form of therapy as clients can receive their counselling in the comfort of their own home making the client feel more secure. It can also be more flexible.

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