Hello, I'm Elise!


I presume that you're here because you are contemplating starting some personal counselling.
I know that this can be quite daunting, but this is the first step. Mental health issues can have a profound impact on us, affecting our behaviour, thoughts and feelings.
We all have mental health, which affects our daily life and causes worry. It is essential to find the correct support and professional guidance, finding what works best for you

Practical professional support can help in managing daily worries, stresses and more serious long term issues. It is vital that you receive the correct information and support and know that you are not alone.


I'm currently offering sessions via Zoom or Skype during the lockdown, and I can offer counselling support if you're suffering from issues related to COVID-19.

A counsellor has skills to encourage you to open up and talk about what’s bothering you. To ease you in uncovering the causes of your worries and to find ways of coping. The counsellor, therefore, is not there to tell you what to do.